Crazy Route is not about few gigabytes on the worldwide internet sources infact there are is much more features attached. Crazy route as the name depicts it takes you to from the preparation to the aftermath of the Journey that is never ending. It’s a source of immediate concise collection of History, Major events: either from past or future, knowledge about innovation and achievements accomplished related to routes and travels from every aspect of life. Crazy route is so much honored to compile as much data as possible about the past endeavors for its viewers and readers, a research on the achievements which brought massive maturity to our vision to see the world. The world that was never known.

Nature, Life and Traveling

Here at crazy route we expect the readers to not only understand but feel the places they have never been, the places they wish to be there, that’s why we call it a déjà vU riDe a ride thru worlds that will bring you to our world and our world is full of adventure and craziness. Life is a continuous journey, and when you are inspired by nature this journey can take you to total fascination.