Most Expensive Accidents of the World (Top 10)

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History is always there to guide us and to learn from our mistakes by continuously visiting the past as humans are always very capable to accidents. while talking about the biggest disasters of the history we are talking about dollars that were lost in that thing. Now the disasters that we can see in history by peeping in includes some property damage, nuclear plant mishandles, Space shuttles and some transport related accidents that costs a lot to the human mentaly, physically and economically and by which we have learnt alot.  Now the life Lost or the death toll can never be measured in Dollars as every life is priceless. Similarly, the disasters and losses incurred by acts of terrorism or war, natural disasters are not listed below as they are not accidents.

Chernobyl Disaster Aftermath (Wikimedia)

01. Chernobyl: 26th April 1986, the date and year can never be forgotten by any of us as the importance of this day is clear to the scientists as this was the day when the mother earth witnessed the biggest loss of the mankind costing about $200 Billion. Its being famous in the history as the biggest peace time catastrophe. on this day the reactor 04 of the plant observed the sudden increase in energy and leads to the explosions of the safety core dispensing huge quantity of the radioactive substances and core materials in t he air. As, the 50% of the Ukraine’s area was contaminated so as per calculated estimate over 200,000 people has to be evacuated and resettles with immediate effect effecting directly around 1.7 million people life. The steel shuttering for the reactor cost around $02 billion and rest the resettlement, compensation and other expences joined to make that $200 billion Dollars.



02. Space Shuttle Columbia:  According to the American Institute f astronautics and aeronautics this incident that costs around $ 13 Billion is the most expensive incident of the history of the aircraft industry. The shuttle itself costs like $02 billion in 1978 that make it $6.3 Billion today and rest the most expensive investigation the costs around $ 500 Million making it expensive most investigation of all time and $ 300 million were spent on the collection of the debris. The shutttle is always remembered as the first worthy and important shuttle in the NASA’s orbital fleet.


Prestige Oil Spill Coutesy Wikipedia.org

03. Prestige Oil Spill: Back on November, 2002 the Prestige Oil Tanker carrying 77,000 tons of heavy oil fuel when the Galacia, Spain storm took it and resulting in the bursting of one of its tank. Now, fearing that the ship may possibly sink the captain called for help from Spanish rescue workers, french and Portuguese but every one responded like “Off our Shore” and put the ship to face the storm resulting in the breaking of ship in to 02 and releasing 20million gallons of the oil right in the centre of the sea. According to the calculated estimate this Oil spillage costs including cleaning cost of the shores and sea $ 12 Billion.


Challenger Explosion Courtesy wikipedia.org

04. Challenger Explosion: January 28th, 1986 the day that will never be forgotten ever for the space discoverers and astronauts as on this day the Space Shuttle Challenger explodes after 73 seconds of its flight in air resulting in the death of all seven crew members. This mega aircraft incident cost mankind about $5.5 Billion, that includes $2 Billion to replace the shuttle in 1986 -1987 ($4.5 Billion today) and $450 Million ($01 Billion Today). The incident occur due a little fault in the O – Ring in the Right Solid Rocket Booster (SRB occur, resulting in the disintegration of the entire vehicle as failed to liftoff leading hot pressurized air out.


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05. Piper Alpha Oil Rig: This Oil Rig that at some time in history was known to be the only biggest Oil Producer of the world (3,17,000 Barrels of oil per day)has gone through the world’s worst off shore oil catastrophe resulting in the loss of 168 men with only 61 survivors and with in 02 hours it was covered with flames and finally this 300 feet structure disarmed on July 06th, 1988. The calculated loss in terms of Dollars is about $3.4 Billion.


Exxon Valdex 1989 Courtesy Wikipedia.org

06. EXXON VALDEZ: The 54th biggest oil spill of the history and the 02nd largest Oil Spill in the history of the United States. 24th March, 1989  when the vessel was carrying about 53.1 million gallons of Oil from Prince William Sound Oil Field from Valdex , Alaska to lower 48 States. The Oil spillage costs about$2.5 Billion Dollars . that includes the cost to repair the ship without altering its design and to the cleanup procedures.


Crashed B-2 Courtesy wikipedia.org

07. B-2 Bomber Crash: On, 23rd February, 2008 the Bomber Crashed right after few seconds of lifting its body from the ground from Anderson Air Force Base at Guam. It was the first crash of the B-2 the crew consisting of 02 members safely ejected from the aircraft. Distorted data in control systems of the B-2 due to moisture was blamed by investigators to be the most probable cause of the incident that forces B 2 to be in a sudden nose up move that make it stall and crash in to the surface. $1.4 Billions are lost in this incident.


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08. Chatsworth Train Collision – 2008: This is the deadliest ever collision in the history of the Metro link that appear on the book of history of trains accidents on the Friday, September 18th, 2008 when Union Pacific Freight Train collided head on with Metrolink Commuter Train. According to National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) it was investigated that the Metrolink Commuter Train has ran off the red signal before entering on signal track at Chatsworth district of Los Angeles, California. The estimated loss calculated other than the death tolls was $500 Million.


Wiehltalbruecke Unfall August 2004 (Photo by Wikimedia)

09. Wiehltal Bridge Accident, Germany: On 26th August, 2004 a car collided with the 32,000 Litres containing tanket truck on the above said bridge and the truck slipped and losses road grip and hit the side guard lines but the problem is that the bridge guards are designed to hold only a vehicle weighing 30 tons and so the truck fell 30 Metersoff the A 4 autobahn and finally caught fire and exploded. Unluckily the truck driver passed away in the incident and the heat that is produced destroyed the load carrying capability of the bridge, and the bridge is closed to traffic. The estimated cost of the accident wa $ 358 Millions, that includes $40 Million for the repairs and $318 Miilion to replace the bridge.


RMS Titanic departing from Southampton

10. Titanic: Titanic, a very famous passenger liner that in history struck the iceberg on his way from Southampton to New York on April 15th, 1912.  The ship was considered to be the best luxurious ship ever built. there were 2,223 people on board but the ship carried Life boats for only 1,178 people resulting int he loss of many Men lives as the Ladies and Children First Protocol was observed by the ship crew at that time. After the picture actualization of the whole scenario on the big screen that accident become very evident. as per record the Accident cost $150 Million.

These are the 10 deadliest and worst accidents of the past that at times seems to have cost a lot of money but besides dollars they have teach the technical staff and engineers alot and also make the safety laws and regulation  in emergency condition more tight and fool proof at the same time and improves the life of the mankind ever after.

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