Tallest Buildings of the World

Talking about the tallest free standing structures is never that simple as words make them as by the Tallest Building we mean building not the towers that used for telecommunication, antennas, flagpoles, oil rigs and spires are not included as they don’t have any occupies floors, neither they have any occupancy. But when we are talking about the crazy route standard tallest building we mean what we say as this list do not include supported structures or guyed masts. So, the mega structures in the world that are short listed here are on a very selected criterion and are most accepted huge structures in terms of height. The categories in which the buildings are usually categories are Height of structural top, Highest occupied floor, height of the top of antenna, height of the top of roof.

Courtesy Wikipedia

 Burj Khalifa:  Burj Khalifa Yup, we are talking about the structure of the world that’s the tallest one in the history and current time this is the same tower that was previously prior to inaugration known as Burj Dubai, standing unsupported at 828 meters (2717 ft). The construction of this mega structure started in 21st September, 2011. with the exterior structural work been completed by October 1st, 2009, the Building officially opened on 1st January, 2010. The cost of the structure is 1.5  billion dollars.

Other than Burj Khlifa all the rest of the buildings as shown on the diagram above becomes the history for rest of their lives but they will be considered as they are still standing showing their importance with the inspiration for the developers of the Biggest ever structure of the world that comes to life with all its glories and record on first day of January with all the beautiful light works of the opening and new year celebrations all together..

Celebrations of the opening (courtesy wikimedia.org)

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