Mosque is the place of worship for all followers of Islam. The beginning of Mosques has been started on Arabian Peninsula but now can be found in every major country. In some parts of the world they even become an issue of controversy between different schools of thought. Besides this the beauty of all grand mosques cannot be denied. The artists of old times showed their magnificent skills in decorating and painting these Mosques. The beautiful Architecture of these Mosques is famous all over the world.

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1.       AL- HARAM Mosque:

Also known as haram sharief is undoubtedly the biggest, largest, holiest and the most popular mosque in the world. It was built in year 638.  It is located in Mecca (Saudi Arabia) and covers an area of App. 400,800 sq m (99 acres) and can accommodate up to 8, 20,000 Worshippers especially at time of Hajj which is one of the largest annual Muslim gathering in the world. It surrounds the Kaaba where Muslims turn towards while offering daily prayers. It includes both indoor and outdoor praying places. Muslims all over the world always wish to get a chance to visit this place to perform Umrah or hajj. This mosque is also famous for its beauty and architecture.

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2.       AL – MASJID – AL NABAWI:

                Is the second most largest and the holiest mosque in the world. It was built in year 622. It is located in Madina (Saudi Arabia) and covers an area of 400,500 sq m and can accommodate upto 650, 000 worshippers. The green dome over the centre of the Mosque is one of the most notable features of this grand Mosque. It is known as the Dome of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is considered to be the final resting place of our last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Islamic Rulers also decorated it magnificently. The basic plan of this building is also adopted in building other mosques throughout the world. So this Mosque is a must visit for all those interested in Architecture of Saudi Arabia.

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is the third largest mosque in the world.  It is located in Mashhad, Iran. It almost covers an area of app. 598, 657 sq m (48 acres) and has got a capacity of about 700,000 Worshippers. It was built in year 818.  This complex includes a Museum, library, vast prayer halls, a dinning Hall for pilgrims and other buildings.

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Is the fourth largest mosque in the world. It is located in the city of Casablanca and is considered to be the largest Mosque in Morocco. It was designed by the French Architect Michael Pinseau. It can accommodate up to 25, 000 worshippers along with 80, 000 in adjoining grounds of the Mosque. It has got a Minaret which was considered to be one of the tallest Minaret in old times with the length of 210m(689ft).

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ISTIQLAL is an Arabic word for independence. This mosque is considered to be the fifth largest mosque in the world. It is located in Jakarta, the city of Indonesia. It covers an area of app. 95,000 sq m (23.4 acres) and has capacity of about 120,000 worshippers. It was build in the year 1978. It is considered to be the largest mosque of South East Asia, as far as capacity to accommodate people is concerned.

The primary function of a mosque is to create equality and discipline between humans. People from all walks of life come to gather five times a day to offer their prayer. These mosques are considered to be the heritage of religion Islam. These mosques are well known throughout the world due to their importance for Muslims as well as due to the demonstration of Islamic Architecture.

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