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The word mosque has been derived from an Arabic word ”Masjid” which is related to the concept of ”prostration” (sajda raizi).  It is the sacred place for all Muslims where they are expected to pray five times a day i.e; at morning, midday, afternoon, sunset and evening. A ”Muazzan” calls the worshippers to  prayer from a tower or minaret, in the form of azaan. Every mosque has an imam who leads the prayer and all Muslims offer their prayer under his leadership. In the last century there was a race of the largest mosque in the world but with the passage of time the competition of the highest mosque in the world has started.

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In year 2004, the highest mosque in the world was considered to be in kingdom centre (also known as Al Mamlaka Tower) which is the highest building located in RIYADH ( saudi arabia), owned by one of the princes of saudi royal family. It is about 302.3  meters (992 ft) in height and isestimated to be the 37th tallest tower in the world. It claimed to have the highest mosque which is located on the 77th story of the tower. This great mosque even holds a position in the ‘Guinness book’  of world records for its exceptional height. This mosque is designed in the form of a dome, covering an area of 500 square meters with a separate prayer hall for women.

The kingdom tower enjoyed to have the world’s highest mosque till 4th January 2010. It was the day when BURJ KHALIFA was inaugurated where thousands of people were treated to an extravagant shows of fountains lasers and fireworks. It is now considered to be the highest building in the world according to 3 main criteria of the CTBUH (council on tall buildings and urban habitat)


1.height to architectural top

2 height to highest occupied floor and

3   height to tip

Burj Khalifa Courtesy

Burj khalifa is now considered to be the highest and the tallest building in the world with the height of 828 meters (2716.5 feet). Now Burj Khalifa ”  claims to have the highest Mosque in the world ” which is located on 158th floor of the tower. It is much higher then the mosque in kingdom tower with a difference of 81 floors. The mosque of burj Khalifa has arisen higher than any other sanctuary in the world. So we can undoubtedly say that ”burj khalifa now hosts the highest mosque in the world”.

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  1. Very interesting facts, your article was very informative. I still thought that the masjid in Riyadh was the highest. But I hope that Muslims start saying their five daily prayers in the Masjid as prescribed by the Sunnah.

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